As They Were Going

Luke 17:14 "And it came about that as they were going, they were cleansed."
As they were going, a step of faith, multiple steps of faith, and 10 lepers were healed. There was no stopping or staying, only moving forward.  A reminder to me to watch and see how God works when I walk on in victory, despite the view that I am seeing or the circumstances that surround me. Before moving here there were so many questions about what we should do and many details to work out, so much we didn't know. We have seen God work out all the details so beautifully. The rose garden bushes in the picture were only "dead" stumps when we arrived. Keep on going when you are diseased, sick, discouraged, exhausted, jet lagged, up all night with the baby, taking care of sick children, in need, fed up and let down. Be steadfast in following God, in doing what He has said to do. "As they were going...." 

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