Vajdahunyad Castle

This summer while we do still have language study, the children are enjoying the relaxed routine of not having school and ovoda. We have tried to do some fun outings with the children that have been on our to-do list. Budapest is such a great city for families to vacation in because there is so much to see, experience, and even taste. It's really nice that we can enjoy such interesting places on a Saturday morning! So, become a virtual tourist and join us during the next few posts as we explore some more of Budapest.
Since I grew up with Disney World, Sea World, and other entertainment parks, I didn't realize how much children could enjoy just architecture, ancient history, statues, and art. When they see that we, the parents, are fascinated by such beauty, they too become enthralled.

This castle is surrounded by a real mote, and a bridge must be crossed to reach it.....imagine that this is a fairy tale you can experience. Instead of a sea monster in the mote, there were friendly mother ducks with their ducklings who were quite happy to eat some of our morning rolls.

This castle is actually a series of pavilions designed for exhibitions in 1896. Each section of the building showcases a different style of architecture, from Romanesque to Baroque. This is a part of Varosliget, one of the largest city parks in Budapest.

Beauty is all around us....take time to enjoy the view!

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