Life in America

So, what's so different about living in America? Many people have been asking us that question. After living three years in Hungary, we are readjusting to life back in the States. We've been here 3 months already, and by far the best thing has been reconnecting with our family and friends. We have also had fun watching the children react to all the "new" things in this culture, and I've had a few laughs at myself too. Here's a quick run down of some differences:

- how to flush an American toilet,
- grocery carts that don't require a deposit. (In Hungary, they require a 100 forint deposit)
- free condiments and free drink refills at restaurants,
- the churches are so HUGE here, so large, so many resources, so many people, so many staff,
- comments like this, "Mom, everyone speaks English here!" and "Do we have to show our passports in Texas?"
- dealing with the American healthcare system, UGH!
- trying to figure out how to pay in the check-out line, "Which button do I push?"
- enjoying having someone bag my groceries after check-out & take them to my car!
- having to cut coupons in order to save money at the store (a necessary evil which I never liked)
- sudden craving for Krispy Kreme
- introducing the kids to things like Dairy Queen, Pop Tarts, Doritos, etc..
- and having trouble making decisions in the grocery store...there are too many choices
- people leave their shoes on inside the house

It is so automatic now to remove our shoes when we come into a house that we can't stop doing it no matter where we are! We had to explain to our children that here it's not rude to leave shoes on inside the house! I know, these are just tiny differences, but what we really have experienced is the sameness - the same love for Christ and the same need for Christ is evident everywhere we go. And that is what life is all about!

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