We Are So Thankful

We had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner here - pumpkin pie, turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, and all the other vegetables. Our missionaries met together to share in this abundant meal on Thanksgiving Day. At home, we enjoyed reading the stories of Squanto, Samoset, and the Pilgrims journey to America each night with our children. We even found marshmellows in a store to make our favorite Pilgrim hat coookies. I am grateful for this holiday so that we can take time to remember where we came from - our ancestors, our history, the reason our country was founded, and price that so many have made so that we could have freedom today. We have also told the stories of Jim Elliot and William Tyndale to our children - great men who were martyred because of their faith. Here is our top 10 list of thanksgivings:

A Bible in our own language,
Salvation in Jesus Christ,
Having 4 children, a wonderful spouse, and family in America,
Boxes that come in the mail,
A nice backyard,
M&Ms and Mentos,
New Hungarian friends,
Financial support that allows us to be here,
People who will pray for us.

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  1. Hey! Can you send me your email address again? Our computer crashed and we lost everything, and now I am trying to build my address book back up :) (Hence why you haven't heard from me in a while! Love you!)