Same But Different

Just in case you ever wondered what living here is like.......we listed some of the differences to give you an idea of what daily life for us is like here in Hungary.

All bills are paid at the post office. This potentially means long lines every time you go, but it does streamline things.
A truck comes to our house to "vacuum" up our septic tank once a month. It must be emptied or it will overflow into the street.
Doctors can make house calls.
Eggs are always brown, and speckled bird eggs are for sale in the grocery store.
If you want to use a cart at the grocery store, you pay 100 forint. Your money will be returned when you return the cart.
Bring your own bags to the grocery store, or buy new ones each time.
Outside shoes are taken off when you come inside, and inside shoes are put on.
We use a clothesline to dry our clothes.
We ride buses, trams, metro (subway), and trains in the city.
Almost every home has a fence, gate, and a dog.
We eat FRESH bread, not pre-packaged, pre-sliced, spongy, plastic-wrapped bread.
Lunch time means a large, hot meal....sandwiches are saved for the evening supper.
You can buy chocolate infant cereal.
Greeting one another with 2 kisses!

The setting of the sun, and the evening moon rise, the dark night sky that makes stars so visible.....The same spiritual darkness is here, as is everywhere in the world. Lack of interest in spiritual things, unawareness of a greater dimension outside of this present time, intentional avoidance of the Bible, deep atheistic beliefs that prevent a thorough logical examination regarding the natural world, focus on money and position for a successful life, abortion on demand, and self-preservation instead of community. However, the love of Christ is a shining light and is evident in the affection and unity that believers have for one another. This unity always amazes me - to find people in a different country, culture, language, etc...but who have the same knowledge of Christ and share the same's breathtaking.

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