Talking to Strangers

Some of the neatest conversations with Hungarians have happened because we stopped and initiated the conversation. We noticed this lady sitting on a bench trying to sell her handmade beaded eggs. We walked past her because we were tired and ready to go home, but then we looked at each other and knew we should go back and talk to her. She was selling her little beaded eggs for 600 forint, that's about $3.00. But she was more interested in our children and why we were in Hungary. Fortunately, our English-accented Hungarian and our American culture were of some interest to her, and she had lots of questions. We had a great conversation and some instant bonding, and we were so glad that we stopped. People are always more important than our agendas. You never know who could be in need of a little friendship.....and usually you are the one who will be blessed the most.

We went home with less forint but more love, and eggs in our pockets.

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