A kindergarten graduation is a big transition in childhood. Our Hungarian "ovoda" is similar to an American preschool, and children usually stay in the same class between the ages of 3-6. After this, they can go to first grade at the elementary school. Elizabeth has attended for one year and will go to first grade next year. The daily routine consists of playing, learning Hungarian poems and songs, eating, brushing teeth, and napping together. Hot tea or warm milk with bread is served in the morning, a hot lunch at noon, and a snack for the afternoon. For the graduation ceremony, each child brought bouquets of fresh flowers to decorate their building for this special occasion. Greenery, large leaves, garden flowers and florist flowers were brought and hung from the ceiling and doorways. We did not fully understand how big of an occasion this was! Parents even brought specially made bouquets for their child.

Parents were invited to the classroom to listen to the children recite the poems and songs. We heard stories of hedgehogs, flowers, trees, and chickens.

While this was a happy occasion for us, there were many tears! It was unbelievable to hear Elizabeth recite her poems, how well she speaks Hungarian, and how well she loves her friends. It was hard to say goodbye to her teachers and classmates, but we look forward to what will come in the future.

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