7 Great Years

With 6 people in our household, we get to celebrate someone's birthday about every other month! This month was filled with much anticipation of a dinosaur party, chocolate cake, and lots of friends, as Joshua turned 7. He wanted to invite the entire first grade class (just 14 children), and so we partied with 14 children from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Korea, Romania, and of course Hungary & America. The children played with Josh's collection of dinosaurs, made dino masks (they're wearing them in the photo), and ate. The only thing "dinosaurish" that I could find for the party were dinosaur shaped (turkey) nuggets and dino gummy bears at the grocery store! So, we had fun designing our own dino cake, complete with a spiked tail. My mind was filled with memories of being pregnant for the first time, preparing a place in our tiny apartment for our new baby, eating lunch in La Madeline's restaurant while having contractions, and finally......the emergency c-section. What more can I say? God really IS good.

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