Language Learning

Can you read that? If you can, you must be Hungarian. As we study and advance deeper into the Hungarian language, we realize how much more there is to know! (Same feeling I had while in seminary.) We are amazed at how intricately detailed this language is. Just to look at the words fools you into thinking this is an ordinary language. We were warned before we came here.....but you just have to try it to believe how difficult it is!!! We are definitely feeling the effects from the Tower of Babel.

Here are some basic facts:
1. All letters always make the same sounds, unlike the English language. We love this part! We are able to read anything regardless of our level of comprehension or grammar.

2. You add endings to the words. For example, the noun "bed" can have 91 different endings!! A verb can have 84 different endings.

3. Words can be very long.....and you can even make up a new word! How cool is that? Examples:

4. There are specialized verbs that are not in the English language. For example:
English - "I am having ice cream." Hungarian- "I am ice creaming."
Engish - "We are having coffee." Hungarian - "I am coffeeing."

Regardless of difficulty or simplicity, our purpose for being here demands that we speak their language. And so, we are back in school, feeling humbled, talking like toddlers, but enjoying the job.
Acts 2:4-11 - "......we hear them in our own language speaking the mighty acts of God."

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