Snow Days

This is our driveway, shared by other duplexes like ours. The snowfall has been just incredible. The Hungarians have said they haven't seen this much snow in years. We Texans and Floridians think it's just great and are having fun playing in it! But for those who have to shovel it (like Dad) it is a lot of work! Sometimes he has had to shovel it twice in one day. It has been a great way to spend time with the neighbors; pictured above, as they pose after shoveling the entire driveway! They keep small bottles of palinka (Hungarian vodka) in their pockets to sip from in order to stay warm.
Here is one pile of snow in our front yard that has been a small mountain for the kids to climb up and peek over the neighbor's fence.
Our language teacher lives out in a small village, just outside of town. The road isn't paved, is full of huge holes, and isn't plowed during the winter - which makes it very difficult to drive on. Our van isn't able to make it up the hill, pictured below, it just slips and slides. One day we were stuck, unable to make it up the hill, and we had to go down a different, more treacherous road to get home. So we made the decision to park the van and walk. That's me pictured above with a giant snowball aimed at my husband on our walk to class! And after the picture was taken he grabbed it and threw it at me - honest!
We are so grateful for these days, and are living to make the most from every opportunity - and to see challenges as just that - open doors of opportunity. "There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven..." Ecclesiastes 3:1

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