Stop and Smell the Berries

The mulberry tree behind our church is a magnificent display of God's creation. It's height is breathtaking to a girl from the South. We're not used to such tall trees. There are also so many different varieties of trees here - cherries, almonds, chestnuts, apples, pears, peaches, walnuts, red and black currants, and mulberries. Sadly, there are no Texas pecans or Florida citrus! We have enjoyed watching the trees bloom in the springtime and try to guess what kind of fruit it will bear.

As an adult, I can easily forget how sensitive children are to our surroundings. I forget that all the wonders I have seen for thousands of times are very new to a child who has yet to explore the world around them. The world is full of wonders to dazzle our senses....if we take time to notice them. Elizabeth can't wait to get to church so she can pick the berries from the ground and branches. She is so amazed to be able to pick these juicy berries and fill up her bag. Even Stephen is fascinated with these beautiful berries and helps pick them. Little Stephen always walks slow because he is trying to see everything - a butterfly, flowers, a rock, an ant. I understand why children always look behind them when trying to walk forward - they don't want to miss anything!

I like what Pastor Jay said from FBC Lakeland,....."What if God handed you a camera every morning and told you to snap pictures of you noticing Him at work wherever you go?" What would you take a picture of? Do we even know what God is doing around us? God is much closer than we realize. He is working in ways we do not always realize. He wants to speak to us, reveal himself to us, and show us the next thing to do. We have so many opportunities to be kind, to be helpful, and to speak about Jesus.....if we aren't too busy to notice. A big part of our work right now is going slow, being slow, being available, and taking time to notice people. We stopped walking through the mall because an elderly lady recognized us and wanted to talk. We sat down on the bench with her for awhile. It was good to not be in a hurry.

It's time to be still....know that he is God.....and join him.

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