Changes in Our House

Good-by middle of the night feedings, no more high chairs, play pens, bouncy seats, or sippy cups, first words from the fourth baby, and first day of school for the first child........a lot of things have changed in the last year! September has brought even more changes to our house. Joshua has begun second grade at an English international school and Elizabeth is going to a Hungarian kindergarten-like school, in Hungarian of course! Both are enjoying making new friends and getting used to a new morning routine. Joshua has Hungarian language lessons while at school. Elizabeth likes learning more of the Hungarian language and comes home with new words and phrases everyday. She is still getting used to the Hungarian foods served for lunch and is getting braver about trying new things. Olivia is also getting used to a new routine of life without big sister around, and Stephen is talking in a mix of Hungarian and English, and copying everything Olivia does! Some changes come more easily than others, and as I watch my children grow older, the changes seem to come more quickly. Living in the moment, savoring each moment, and contentment in the moment - it's the only way to live!

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  1. I enjoyed so much looking at your blog, What a wonderful family. I hope we get to see you sometime,
    Its nice to be able to see what's going in your lives.
    Faye Laufer