Good Summer Comes to An End

We were very blessed this summer to have two visits from family. In July and August we spent our vacation time with grandparents from Texas and Florida. We also got to act like tourists and visit many places we have been longing to see! We had such a wonderful time exploring more of Budapest and even taking a short train trip to Vienna. Even more amazing was that it felt like we had just seen them yesterday....even though it has been a year and a half since we have seen our families. Time is going by so fast, and we are glad to have shared some great memories with people who love us.

Leaving is never easy, saying goodbye doesn't get any easier, and I'm still not used to the separation. There's a pain in my heart when the children ask, "Where is Poppa?" Skype, digital pictures, internet, packages and emails make life a little bit sweeter, but trusting that God is in control makes all this bearable, and worth it all.

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