Dinosaurs & Princesses

We had a near perfect day Saturday. It was Joshua's turn for a date with Dad and they were off to the Dino Exhibit here in Budapest. It was a special show that has been traveling worldwide - all robotic dinosaurs that growled and moved. He hugged Dad so hard and said, "Thanks SO MUCH for taking me here!"

We girls and baby (poor boy had to stay with the girls!) had a splendid morning. We made a heart-shaped cake with lavender icing & pink sprinkles, watched a princess movie, made paper hearts to decorate the table, and finally made strawberry lemon tea. We also read the "Princess and the Kiss" (Jennie Bishop). They had so much fun mixing the cake, decorating, and squeezing the lemons. As we sat down to have our tea party, we lit the candles on the table. Elizabeth exclaimed, "Jesus lights me up! He candles me! He is a light inside me and it comes out when I smile." Wow! She's right! Her face glowed in this new understanding of God's truth. Jesus did say "I am the light of the world," John 8:12 and "You are the light of the world......let your light shine before men...." Matthew 5:14-16.

Elizabeth said "This is the best day EVER, and I will never forget it!"
I won't forget it either.


  1. Oh that just makes my heart melt!! What precious truths these children are learning :)

  2. I miss you guys so much! Brings tears to my eyes!!! I try to skype but can't ever get a hold of you. Praying! Love you!!!

  3. I miss you guys so much!!! Brings tears to my eyes! I try to reach you on Skype, but can't seem to get ahold of you when it says you're online. Praying! Love you!!!