Let Your Light Shine

While our friends were visiting, we girls (just the women!) left all 7 children at home with the men. They played with the children, changed 2 babies diapers, cooked dinner and fed them all, and got them ready for bed. What a blessing! This is what we saw along the way....we skipped the mall and went shopping in town on Vaci Street. Lots of little shops and sidewalk cafes, and lots of people. people who don't know our Lord. Even though I am not speaking Hungarian well (at all!) and cannot communicate, I get the feeling that who I am is speaking louder than my words. I really stand out here, not just because I am American. There is a lack of light, and you can see it on people's faces. I try to smile at people and that is VERY strange here!! My smiles are not returned (at least not yet). But how we live causes nonbelievers to see the real difference, and this makes Christ believable.

"There's no more powerful tool of social and structural change in our world than for Christians to believe and live out the doctrine and the gospel of Jesus Christ." (N.L. Demoss)

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