Family Fun

We took a tram ride into town to Gellert Hill which wasn't too difficult to maneuver. All the kids were able to get a seat and Monte carried the double stroller, diaper bag, and the drink/snack bag up the steps into the tram. Gellert Hill has slides for kids half way up the hill. Giant slides!! They had to climb a lot of steps to get to the top of the longest slides, and one is a tunnel slide. We had a great time and no one got hurt. The baby even tried to go up the steps and slide too. He got to go down the tiny slide with dad. I love family time! Outings take a lot of work to get everybody ready - socks, shoes, bathroom, water bottles, snacks, restock the diaper bag, change the diaper, don't forget the money/passports/cell phone, leave the dinosaurs in your room, shut all the windows in the house (remember no AC), go back one more time for the pacifier and special blanket, and then someone starts crying, and one more "are we there yet?" I'm tired before we leave the house, but it's so much fun to do something special together that creates memories.

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