We went on an adventure the other day, and took all 4 kids into the central market in Budapest. This is a 3 story shopper's paradise - the best produce, meats, cafes, and souvenirs!! We bought an assortment of treats for lunch - bananas, hot dogs that did not come with buns (we purchased slices of bread instead), and langos, a Hungarian fried bread that is topped with whatever you choose. I got a langos topped with sour cream and shredded cheese. MMMM, what a combo! Hungarian sour cream is simply the best I've ever tasted. It beats Breakstone anyday! We let the children buy a gift - cute little puppets on a stick that only cost 400 forint each (about $2.00). Paprika (peppers) abounds here and many booths sell only the finest quality of powdered paprika (shown in the above photo). Goose liver is also a popular delicacy. Salamis are sold in numerous varieties (also in photo). We did not stay too long in the market because the children were SO curious about everything and liked to play with all the beautiful wooden toys. This building was designed by Eiffel, the same man who designed the Eiffel Tower.

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